About Me

Prince Maxwell Dari (Streamz), born on the 8th day of March 1998 in Kaduna State Nigeria is a visual artist, graphic designer and a student of architecture in Kaduna state university.

It all started at an early age of 9 when Streamz discovered the gift and passion for drawing, he was able to first express his gift on notebooks. Over the years, he gradually learnt how to master the connection between pencils and paper as a medium to express himself.

As a hyper-realism artist, Streamz aim at creating a sense of belonging between his viewers and his piece. He also use his work as a medium for social and political activism as well as highlighting pressing issues in his community and the world at large.

Graphic Designs came into the picture from his un-dying love for technology & innovations and he saw it as an opportunity to reach a bigger audience.


“ My art is created from the connection we share with our expressions, emotions, experiences and everything or anything that spark the sense of necessity in me”

Feel free to ask me anything about you wondered, no hard feelings.



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